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Microgap - big fun in a small amount of time.

How great would it be to head out on a gap year, leaving behind the dog eat dog world of work with the extra hours, the not being paid enough and the daily sardine train carriage commute? Your mind and body yearning for that complete break to discover your true inner self through life enriching experiences and adventures. Of course, it’s just not that easy to quit the rat race. Despite the vast expense of travelling for a year, jumping off the career ladder means you are right back to the bottom rung upon your return. But all is not lost. Thankfully you don’t need to spend twelve months sleeping in remote youth hostels, your shoulders aching from carting round a bulging back-pack, to experience life. We don’t know which clever soul deserves the credit for inventing the Microgap but we must raise a glass to this genius. Now we know what you are thinking, ‘What on earth is a Microgap?’ Very good question. A Microgap contains all the best bits of a gap year in just a few days and it all happens right here in the UK. It’s so much cheaper than a gap year and we can all spare a couple of days to get back to nature and try something new. And where better to Microgap than the Lake District, Cumbria? We have everything covered to let yourself go and completely switch off from the daily routine.

How about broadening your skill set? Learn the art of mixology and try your hand at Cocktail making at The Halston in Carlisle. Maybe the old medieval art of longbow making at Greystoke Cycle Café will appeal to your inner warrior. There are several forgotten skills that are being revived in Cumbria. You could try your hand at glass blowing at Cumbria Crystal or spinning wool at the Lakeland Farm Visitor Centre.

Cumbria Crystal

You could always use the experience of a Microgap to give something back. Volunteering is not only helpful but it’s also incredibly rewarding. The beauty of the Lake District National Park is maintained every year by a dedicated team of enthusiastic volunteers. This includes repairing and maintaining uplands paths, conducting archaeological surveys, leading people around the fells on guided walks or working on practical conservation tasks. Its also a really good way of meeting like-minded people.

A new challenge could be just what you need to fully break out of the routine. Push yourself mentally and physically. What an achievement to climb England’s highest mountain. Once you’ve reached the peak of 978 metres the reward is a view that has inspired writers such as Wordsworth, Coleridge and Baines. On a clear day, you can see Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and the Isle of Man!


If you have a head for heights, you must try the Infinity Bridge at Honister Slate Mine. Named so because you often can’t see the other end! Strung across a breathtaking gorge high up on the mountain, 2,000 feet above the valley floor. Or if you fancy going even higher you can soar over the beautiful Cumbria landscape in a glider from Edensoaring.

The Lake District, Cumbria is bulging with adventure to fill your Microgap. Lakeland Segway is a fun way to get around. You can make the most of our many lakes by speeding along Windermere on a water-ski from Low Wood Watersports Centre or have a go at white water kayaking and canoeing at Joint Adventures. You can always experience the water in a more serene manner by hiring a private boat on Windermere, wild swimming in the lake at Fell Foot or watching the sunset on a canoe floating on Coniston water.

On the Water
Sometimes we just need to find out more about ourselves to feel connected and alive. Cumbria is one of the best areas of the country for night skies because of our lack of light pollution. A perfect spot for gazing at the stars and contemplating the universe is Grizedale Forest. During daylight hours you could indulge in spot of forest bathing and truly connect with nature.

Spending time with animals is good for the soul. There is nothing more relaxing than walking with fell ponies or the majesty of Cumbria Heavy Horses.
Whether it’s an enriched learning experience, finding out about ourselves or waking up from the drudgery of routine, a Microgap in Cumbria can make you feel connected and alive again. Please share your Cumbrian Microgap experiences with us using the hashtags #myMicrogap and #theplacetobe.

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